Dental Care For Your Children

How often should you bring your child to our office? images

An annual visit at a minimum is necessary both to deal with immediate concerns like cavities and also to proactively look at potential problems as your child grows and matures.

Some recent studies have indicated that tooth decay has been increasing particularly in young children. This seems to contradict recent news stories about the benefits of fluoride and increased dental care. This change may be due to the growing use of soda and sugary foods in young children. There are many other factors that cause cavities, but looking at this recent news well, I think we all need to focus again on the obvious.

What can be done for your child?

  • Reduce the use of sodas and sugary foods.
  • Do not let your child use a “sippy cup” except at meals.
  • Do not put your child over one year of age to bed with a bottle filled with juice or milk. Use water instead unless it is meal time.
  • Make an appointment annually at our office for your child. That way we can detect problems early and create good habits from the beginning.

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